Discover the Simple and Natural Remedies You Can Use to Fix Your Bad Breath...

You deserve to feel cool, calm and confident, no matter who you’re talking to.

Are you suffering from bad breath that just won’t go away?

  • Self-conscious before even opening your mouth to talk in the office or at school?
  • Constantly humiliated in social situations no matter how diligently you brush your teeth?
  • Tired of seeing your friends and loved ones pull away when they get close to you?
  • Wasting money on mints, mouth sprays and mouthwash to mask your bad breath?
  • Wishing there was a simple, easy and effective (and 100% natural) solution for bad breath?

Let me be the first to tell you, you’re not alone.

Woman smelling bad breath needs to be fixed

Scientific studies reveal 50 percent of us, that’s 1 out of every 2 people, suffer from bad breath during their life.

Not only that, halitosis (the technical term for bad breath) is one of the top three reasons people go to the dentist.

But there’s a better way…

  • To stop being humiliated when you talk.
  • To instantly make yourself more “kissable
  • To be confident getting up close to anyone.
  • To end your reliance on mints and mouthwash.
  • To start enjoying chatting with your friends.
  • To fix the triggers of bad breath for good.

Doesn’t that just sound ideal?

Imagine never having to worry about bad breath again.

And it’s easier than you think. 

Follow just a few simple steps (things that take seconds out of your day), your breath will have never been better. 

But what do I know about bad breath?

When I realized I had chronic bad breath I felt awful. Ashamed.

My coworkers would always “pass around” mints, and I’d tuck into a couple.

I just thought they were just being polite, and I never thought much else of it.

But then we got a new manager, and in one of our first one-on-one meetings he pulled me aside.

Bad Breath Needs to be Fixed Comic

*Neil, look. There's no easy way to say it, but

I was mortified.

Not only did that ruin the first impression I wanted to make, I was humiliated in front of my new boss.

I appreciate he let me know behind closed doors…

A stand up move which saved me from even more embarrassment in front of my team.

But I still can remember the shame I felt – to this day.

No one wants to have dragon breath.

Or to be called out on it.

Yet here I was.

My breath reeked.

And then I realized.

My coworkers had been trying to tell me for years.

The mints they’d toss my way.

The sticks of gum that’d get handed round.

A comment or a glance here and there.

I had unknowingly been sending cloud after cloud of bad breath over my colleagues for years.

They were just too polite to tell me.

And I didn’t care enough to notice.

*For personal reasons, the author writes under the pen name Neil S. Blackburn.

My First Failed Attempt at Fixing Bad Breath

My first stop? A convenience store. A few packs of gum, a toothbrush and travel kit to keep in my desk, and some “breath freshening” sprays and strips for my mouth. 

What I didn’t realize was this was just a band-aid fix. 

I was trying to kill off the bad smells by masking my breath with mints, and despite feeling more confident, I hadn’t actually fixed the root cause of the problem. 

In fact, it was just a few weeks later when I was pulled aside again, reprimanded because my bad breath had returned in full force, just as potent as ever

As I rushed off to the bathroom in shame, I vowed I would

Which led me to an interesting Discovery...

So I did what I do best. Research

I spent months learning why my bad breath wasn’t going away, diving head-first into every book on the subject I could find, and every study ever created on halitosis. 

And that’s where things started getting exciting. 

Because I started applying the obscure and little-known techniques I found, with myself as the test subject. 

Some worked, other’s didn’t, I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on this project, and then I finally struck gold. A way out…


Finally a solution to fix my bad breath for good

I found a solution to (and it was completely natural).

UNCOVERED: the natural secrets to Fresh breath

Bad breath fixed means more social life

I discovered that a few small changes to my routine, in tandem with a handful of natural remedies that would ensure my breath always stays as fresh as ever. 

Completely natural solutions. 

It was incredible the transformation I saw. 

Not only did my wife start displaying a level of affection I’ve not seen in years, I was suddenly involved in more meetings at work, and even invited out with the “popular” group – something I’d never been privvy to in the past. 

Fixing my bad breath put my life on a new, fresh track.

And I'd like to offer you This opportunity

Once I saw how impressive the results were, I started sharing my tips with my closest friends and family. 

They were completely blown away. 

The people who started following my tips saw an almost instant transformation in their breath, and it wasn’t long before “helping a couple of friends” led to so many people asking for help I needed another way to do it. 

So I wrote my first book. 

Well, not so much a book, but a step-by-step guide you can follow, that details everything you need to know to eliminate bad breath from your life, for good. 

You too can get the same results

*Please note the product is digital and image is for visualization only

Here's what you'll learn inside...

I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned, so your path to fresh breath is a damn sight easier than my own. I can honestly say, there is nothing quite like this program available online. It’s one of the most practical yet comprehensive guides to fixing bad breath I’ve ever seen…

  • 22 budget-friendly steps to give you what client after client always describe as "the freshest breath of your life"
  • Proven plan that’s not only 100% natural, many of these you can do in the comfort of your own home.
  • Quick and easy tests you can do (even by yourself) to determine if you’re suffering from bad breath.
  • Reveal why brushing alone isn’t enough to combat the bad bacteria that are creating your smelly breath.
  • Practical insights on the right way to care for your mouth and teeth (without wasting your precious time every day).
  • At home solution you can use for a professional and effective clean (plus floss) without a visit to your dentist.
  • Ancient technique you can use to draw the toxins and bacteria from all the hard to reach places in your mouth.
  • Recipe for my super-powered teeth-cleaning lunch you can eat without worry, yes self-cleaning... even at the office.
  • How to know when bad breath is a sign something else is wrong in your mouth (and you need a dentist urgently).
  • Natural supplements that pack a deadly punch to the bad-breath causing bacteria, and also promote good health.
  • And much, much more...

Does this sound like you?

It’s scary to me how many people are suffering with bad breath, people just like you and me. Perhaps they simply don’t know how bad it is, and how bad it’s become?

Let me ask you a question…

What’s your breath like right now?

  • Ever had a partner pull back from a kiss?
  • Ever had a bad smell after a yawn or sneeze?
  • Ever wonder if you've got good oral hygiene?
  • Or you never cared about bad breath till today?

You could be suffering from bad breath.

But I’ve good news for you. I was able to fix my bad breath, with a handful of natural remedies and a few small changes to my oral hygiene routine.

Following steps that take just minutes each day, you too can fix your bad breath – for good.

Are you ready to start developing fresh breath?

Imagine this for a second...

Fix Your Bad Breath and Win at life
You’re cool, calm and collected every time you open your mouth because you know, your breath is fresh and clean.
  • You're happy to chat in detail with new clients.
  • You're excited to get to know your hot date.
  • You're poised and elegant in social events.
  • You're a confident and charismatic networker.
  • You've got nothing holding you back in life.

And you know what?

Bad Breath Fixer will fix your breath as fast as humanly possible, helping you win at life, every step of the way.


It's time to fix the root cause of your bad breath

You can’t ignore the signs anymore, your colleagues, your friends, and even your partner are begging you to make this change. Stop trying to mask the problem, it’s time you get a plan, to fix your bad breath for good. 

It’s incredible how fast your life will change once you’ve killed your bad breath.

*Please note the product is digital and image is for visualization only

You can’t ignore the signs anymore, your colleagues, your friends, and even your partner are begging you to make this change. Stop trying to mask the problem, it’s time you get a plan, to fix your bad breath for good. 

It’s incredible how fast your life will change once you’ve killed your bad breath.

So what's the bottom line?

I genuinely want to help you fix your bad breath for good. 

And I have a goal this year to make an impact on as many people as physically possible…

 with the knowledge I’ve gained researching the causes of bad breath. 

Because I believe, everyone deserves fresh and clean breath. 

Which is why I’m not charging hundreds of dollars for Bad Breath Fixer…

(even though I probably could get away with it).

In fact, I’m probably charging far too little. 

(and that’s without the money back guarantee I’ll get to in a moment).

My accountant wanted me to stick a $199 price tag on it.

Just to make back some of the thousands I invested testing and formulating this guide.

But that seemed too much to me. 

Even dropping the “one” and offering it at just $99 for the insights I discovered

I felt it a little too steep for the people who need it most.

So I’m going to do you a solid. 

I personally know the pain bad breath creates in your life.

The anxiety.

The embarrassment.

The humiliation. 

So for today only, I’m here to help you overcome one of the world’s biggest social stigmas. 

Stopping the social stigma of bad breath

Full and Immediate Access (and Instant Download) For Only $27

That’s it. 

For less than what you spent on coffee last week you’ll get access to “22 Steps to Fixing Bad Breath” as an instant PDF download. No matter where you are in the world or what time it is. It’s full and immediate access.

But that's not all you're going to get...

In fact, I’ve a few special bonuses if you sign up today. It’s my way of saying thanks.


*Please note the product is digital and image is for visualization only

BONUS #1: 10 Natural Remedies To Whiten Your Smile

You need a brilliantly white smile if you want to fit in with modern society. But what’s rarely mentioned in the media is how these smiles are created.

Inside you’ll discover the safe and natural remedies you can use to successfully whiten your teeth, with a plan and recipes you can easily follow in your home.

  • Valued at $27

*Please note the product is digital and image is for visualization only

BONUS #2: Perfecting Your Smile For The Camera

As it turns out, a great smile isn’t something you’re born with, and smiling well is a technique you can learn with the approach you’ll get in this reveal-all guide.

You will discover the secret tricks and tips to become more photogenic, leaving your friends in awe every time you’re in front of a camera


  • Valued at $27
Bad Breath Fixer Cover Updates

BONUS #3: Full Access To Every Updated Version

It’s no secret I’m a bad breath fanatic, and at any given time I’m testing and refining the latest developments and techniques in this particular industry. 

If you join today, you’ll get all future editions, updates or any new versions of the Bad Breath Fixer system FREE. You’ll be the first to know (I’ll email you). 

  • Valued at $27

BONUS #4: My Personal Support On Your Journey

And you know what, I’ll also do you one better. I’ll give you my personal email when you order, so if you’ve got any questions at all, I’ll be there to help

Normally I charge $99 per hour as a consultant, but I’m as committed as you are to eliminating bad breath, and I will get back to your emails as fast as I can

  • Valued at $99+ per hour

Heck, I'll even guarantee it.

60 day money back guarantee Bad Breath Fixer

If you’ve followed the steps in Bad Breath Fixer and it doesn’t solve your bad breath, you don’t pay.

  • I've seen the results from client after client.
  • I already know the system works like no other.
  • I'm so confident you'll get the same results.
  • I'll give you a 60 day money back guarantee.

There’s no risk to you, at all. 

Go ahead, try it out, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, for ANY REASON, let me know and I will refund you.

Right, So now it's up to you

You already know your bad breath is impacting your life, so what are you going to do about it?

Keep using band-aid solutions like mints, ignoring the facts altogether and watch as your breath pushes more and more people away from you?

Or are you going to do something about it?

In my mind there’s only one thing to do with bad breath, fix it at the source.

And with the money-back guarantee this is a no-brainer.

*Please note the product is digital and image is for visualization only

The only thing you're going to lose

Get Your Copy of Bad Breath Fixer

Oh, You're Still here?

That’s alright, I usually read these to the end too.

All I’ve got left to say is that life is short. And you deserve to live your life unencumbered by the humiliation, embarrassment and shame that comes with bad breath.

One small change, is all it takes.

Have a wonderful day,

N. Blackburn

Neil S. Blackburn  |


*For personal reasons, the author writes under the pen name Neil S. Blackburn.

P.S. Don’t forget, you’re getting an insight to the exact steps I used to fix my bad breath for good, without spending thousands of dollars (like I did) or wasting hundreds of hours researching (and testing) the methods to find what works. You’ll have instant access to the steps I used to fix my bad breath, and can start getting instant results

P.P.S. If you follow the program, you will stop your bad breath in its tracks.

P.P.P.S. And with the obligation-free money-back guarantee, you’ve got ZERO RISK to try it out and see for yourself

P.P.P.P.S. If you’re thinking to wait, perhaps for the end of the month or your next paycheck or the right phase of the moon, whatever it is, just remember this. Bad Breath Fixer is currently a complete steal at $27 (not to mention all the free bonuses you get for joining today) as it’s proven itself time and time again. But I can’t guarantee the prices will never change, and if you come back later and the price is now $69, $89 or whatever my accountant pushes me to agree too, you’ll have missed out on what’s arguably the best price you’ll ever get.

Testimonials, case studies, and examples found on this page are results that have been forwarded to us by users of “Bad Breath Fixer” products and related products, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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Stopping the social stigma of bad breath


Discover my personal recipe for an all-natural toothpaste you can make yourself at home. Your teeth will never look better.